Experience serving the needs of those who serve their country.

At DMS Pharmaceutical, we recognize the unique requirements of government pharmaceutical contracts. That’s why we offer customized programs and delivery options to meet the needs of the Department of Defense’s Medical Treatment Facilities, depots, Veterans Administration Medical Centers, and other government healthcare facilities.

DMS Pharmaceutical currently serves as the only contracted National Secondary Pharmaceutical Provider for the Department of Defense for all military facilities in the US, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, as well as overseas, giving us worldwide exposure. We also serve as Primary Pharmaceutical Provider for the Department of State servicing all overseas Embassies and USAMMA.

It‘s our years of experience with government contracts that allows DMS Pharmaceutical to offer the following value-added services:

• “We try harder” attitude
• Special areas of expertise which allows us to be more responsive
• Superior customer service with a personal touch
• Creative sourcing on difficult to obtain products
• Offer substitutes for back-order and out of stock items
• No product allocations (except those imposed by manufacturers)
• Specialty compounded products
• CSOS electronic controlled drug ordering
• Online ordering capabilities
• FSS contract and eligibility knowledge
• Streamline purchasing process by dealing direct with manufacturers on contract pricing
• Full EDI and reporting capabilities

It all comes down to responsiveness, reliability, and personal service. Start discovering why so many government facilities prefer DMS Pharmaceutical as a Prime or Secondary pharmaceutical provider.

"Let your problems be our problems."

        --Bill Anderson, Executive Vice President